how do you live deliberately?

Rediscover your purpose and achieve the life you want with less overwhelm and more conscious and empowered action

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Do you feel weighed down?


Do you experience difficult thoughts, feelings or emotions? Or recurring thoughts about not being good enough?

Do you seek relief from mental or physical discomfort by avoiding challenge or distracting yourself with habits or behaviours that leave you feeling dissatisfied or guilty?

  • You want to make changes but you aren’t sure how to go about it
  • You’re nervous about what committing to a new way of living could mean for your relationships, career or lifestyle.
  • You can’t shake that feeling of possibility, that flicker of excitement at the idea that you could live the balanced and rewarding life you desire.

Together we can look at what is not serving you and take empowered steps to live the life you want and deserve


Liz holding a mug, smiling and looking to her right

Have you ever thought  ‘Is this it’ ?


I know I did.

I felt defined on all sides; as a woman, a parent, a colleague, a friend. That I was destined to live my life this way because of my background, choices and failures. That this was my lot, it was fixed, a done deal.

I was tormented by a  feeling that there was another richer and more fulfilling life out there for me, but it always felt just out of reach and that I didn’t truly deserve it.

I was constantly setting unrealistic expectations for myself,  they were unachievable and I fell short of them time and time again.  My life was so full and the struggle to be all things to all people was unsustainable.

I was exhausted, resentful and at times, despairing. My mental health suffered and my self-care was non-existent.

I hit a milestone birthday  and decided enough was enough. I could no longer sustain this way of life. I made a conscious decision there and then to transform my life.

I took empowered steps to work on what wasn’t working for me. In the process I discovered what was working and used this insight to take positive action and make small steps towards the life I deserved.


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“I am so grateful to Liz for helping me unravel the overwhelm and confusion that has held me back from being my authentic self for so long.

She has helped me clear and pave a path through my anxiety  with my head held high and provided some practical solutions to facilitate this. I am now the driver of my bus rather than the passenger.

Liz is warm, compassionate, confident and brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to her sessions”

corinne, london

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